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This sweet family called me for some Christmas card/Fall pictures and I was so happy to oblige! I love these little kiddos so much. Becca is always a willing subject, sometimes too willing. I have to beg her not to give me the classic head tilt and cheese. It’s automatic for her even when I try to distract her! Isn’t she adorable?




I don’t have very many pictures of Bodie-man because he decided he didn’t want to participate. Maybe someday he won’t hate my camera. I sure hope so!







Thank you Ashley & Lynn for letting me play with the kiddos for a few hours:)We need to plan another shoot soon!

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I am so excited to write this week’s post! My sweet sister-in-law, Marianna, is engaged! We had been planning this shoot for weeks, the weather didn’t cooperate but we made it work. I hope to do a 2nd engagement session in the spring with my sweet nephew-doggie, Oz. Marianna & Justin are always such willing models….ok….Marianna is always such a willing model. Guys always get dragged along, kicking and screaming….all in the name of love. We decided to go the spot of their first date, The Stickley Farm. It was very nice with pumpkins, corn mazes (haunted ones, yikes), and a petting zoo. I’m all about the petting zoo but not too interested in anything “haunted.” My fighting side would have shown up in a hurry if someone jumped out of the corn. I would have been kicking, punching and screaming like a little girl. Anyway, check out their beautiful engagement session! First stop was the corn maze.






And a brief jaunt around the pumpkin patch, dodging small children and tractors.





I was very happy when we found this quiet little spot. A beautiful field with a sun setting behind it that very quickly turned out to be their parking lot as the masses came in for the haunted maze.



We had a great time and I cannot wait for the next session with these two. Warm weather hurry up!

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One of my best friends in the whole wide world came to visit me for a week in the fall and it was one of the best weeks of my whole year! Angela, Karl and the kids traveled far so we could all spend the week in Piegon Forge exploring Dollywood and everything else the area has to offer. They spent a couple nights at my house which gave me the perfect opportunity to take some family portraits. These little ones are adorable and I had to constantly fight the urge to squeeze them.







I love this family so much. Angela has always been an amazing support system for me since I met her 14 years ago at Virginia Tech. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate you and your friendship.


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I am so happy to be featuring Doug & Aimee on the blog this week! They are one of the sweestest, most loving couples I have met and have one of the best love stories. Talking to them and hearing their story is like reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. Long lost college sweethearts turning to forever after years apart. I cannot wait to show you their wedding, I cried almost all day. Their story has touched my heart and I am so grateful they chose me to document their day.




We met on the campus of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville one game-less Saturday afternoon. I hadn’t really had a chance to explore the campus, despite having been there several times over my lifetime. The buildings and architecture are quite beautiful! Since this is where they met, it holds an extra special place in their hearts. We explored several areas including the communications building where they had classes together.



They each had children from their previous marriages so they came along as well for some beautiful, blended family portraits. These kids are super adorable and sweet. I am so glad I got to meet them. They kept me laughing all afternoon!



So sweet yet so full of mischief.:)



Thank you all so much for sharing your big moments with me. I greatly appreciate your friendship and great love for each other. Sometimes I cannot believe how blessed I am!

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I have known Amanda and Jarrid for a very long time and I’m so happy for how beautiful of a family they have built together. This sweet little boy and girl have brought so much joy to my life even though I don’t get to see them nearly as much as I would like to. Me and Amanda used to get into quite a few shenanigans growing up, I can’t wait to show these little munchkins how to get on mommy’s nerves.



I could just eat those teenie tiny toes!!!




Aren’t they just so adorable!? I could just eat them up!



Plus Little Elizabeth’s birthday was coming up so we did some shots for her party. Isn’t this hilarious? Such a little diva!


Thank you so much Amanda & Jarrid for letting me spend some time with you guys and the little babes. I miss you!


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